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Fraud Alert: Impersonation of OSK Group on ‘Investment’ Portal

OSK Holdings Berhad (“OSK Group” or “Company”) has been made aware of a website currently soliciting investments from the public, which prominently features the OSK Group logo, images, and those of its subsidiaries within the Property, Construction, Hospitality, Industries, and Financial Services sectors.

OSK Group unequivocally asserts that neither the Company nor its subsidiaries own, operate, and are associated with the website. The Group also does not offer or promote such investment schemes, and we will be reporting this unlawful passing off to the authorities and are seeking legal advice on next steps.

We implore the public to exercise discernment when encountering websites promoting investment schemes, and to exclusively refer to the official website at, along with the web addresses and social media pages listed there, for authentic and verified information on OSK Group of Companies.