In the face of dynamic global challenges and evolving business landscapes, OSK Holdings Berhad ("OSK") and its subsidiaries ("OSK Group" or "the Group") stands as a testament to resilience, adaptability, and forward-thinking, marking over five decades of unwavering commitment.

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Dear Stakeholder,

In review, 2023 stands out as a year of challenging recovery. The global landscape faced persistent challenges that affected both communities and businesses. Nevertheless, I am pleased to present that the Group achieved positive performance across multiple facets of our operations, characterised by resilient financial growth, infrastructure modernisation and expansion, and significant progress towards our long-term vision.

Executive Chairman
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Total Dividend
(FY2022: 6.0 sen)
Dividend payout ratio
(FY2022: 29%)
Our Total Revenue and PBT grew by 0% and 0% YoY, reaching RM0 billion and RM0 million respectively.

Dear Valued Stakeholders,

As we look back on the business landscape of 2023, it reflects a blend of challenges and achievements, underscoring a year characterised by a complex global economic landscape, ongoing geopolitical tensions, the implementation of monetary policy adjustments to combat inflation, and the possible threat of worldwide economic deceleration.

Group Managing Director
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Financial Highlights
RM0.0 billion
(FY2022: RM1.3 billion)
RM0.0 million
(FY2022: RM485.1 million)
Total Assets:
RM0.0 billion
(FY2022: RM9.7 billion)
Shareholders’ Funds:
RM0.00 billion
(FY2022: RM5.7 billion)
Net Assets per Share:
(FY2022: RM2.76)
Dividend per share:
0.0 sen
(FY2022: 6.0 sen)
Dividend Yield:
0.0 %
(FY2022: 6.22%)
Net Gearing Ratio (times)
(FY2022: 0.41)
Net Debts:
RM0.0 billion
(FY2022: RM2.3 billion)
0.00 %
(FY2022: 7.61%)
Business Highlights

Property Development

To sustain our project pipeline, the Group’s total land bank of 0 acres holds an estimated effective GDV of RM0.0 billion, with land parcels located in Malaysia and Australia

Total unbilled property sales remained strong at
RM0.0 billion
(FY2022: RM1.0 billion)

Upheld Quality Excellence in Our Products

Maintained high QLASSIC scores for the homes we built:

  • Iringan Bayu Township: 80% Erama; 80% Gitaran
  • Bandar Puteri Jaya Township: 83% Northfield Zone 3, 82% Southfield Villa Zone 1, 83% Southfield Residence Z1 and Z2 84% Westfield Zone 3B, 86% Eastfield Zone 1
Financial Services
Capital Financing Portfolio of
RM0.0 billion
(FY2022: RM1.4 billion)
Malaysia Portfolio:
RM0.0 billion
(FY2022: RM1.1 billion)
Australia Portfolio:
RM0 million
(FY2022: RM318 million)
Total cable sales in
FY2023 of 0 km
(FY2022: 17,777 km)
Total wall panels sales in
FY2023 of 0.0 m2
(FY2022: 838,465 m2)
Sustainability Highlights
Inauguration of Sustainability Committee, signifying a pivotal moment in our dedication to advancing sustainability within the Group.
Revision of Sustainability Policy, serving as the foundation for integrating sustainability values into operational agendas and decision-making processes

Aligned to 0

Gender Diversity 0.0% female at Board level, 0.0% female at Key Senior Management
Social Investment in B40 Communities RM0.0 million, focusing on community-based initiatives
OSK Foundation Scholarship Programme

Since inception of programme in 2021, awarded scholarship to 27 deserving students

Employee Training Hours 0 hours covering all levels of employees

Carbon Emissions

Scope 1: 39,839.5 metric tonne CO2e
Scope 2: 21,265.9 metric tonne CO2e
Scope 3: 3,145.7 metric tonne CO2e
Maintained a 0% workplace fatal injury rate
Continued investment in renewable energy infrastructure, reaching a total solar capacity of 0.0MWp, at 6 sites.
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Our Material Matters play a pivotal role in shaping business strategies and decisions, significantly contribute to our ability to deliver sustainable value. Conducting biennial materiality assessments since 2018, we consistently review and identify key Economic, Environmental, Social, and Governance (“E+ESG”) issues crucial to our stakeholders.

In the course of the reporting year, we reassessed the Group’s previously prioritised Material Matters and determined a renewed set of material matters based on their significance of potential and actual impacts to our operations, products, services, and major value chain activities.

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In the face of global changes shaped by international landscape and diverse factors, urgent issues surrounding environmental and social sustainability, particularly in domains like climate change, management of natural resources, human rights, good health, and sustainable communities, are growing more acute.

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Integrated Annual Report
Sustainability Report
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