Corporate Governance



We aim to develop OSK as a long term, sustainable business that delivers value for all our
stakeholders including; our shareholders, employees, clients, suppliers, business partners, and the
wider community. By managing our business responsibly, we support the establishment of a financially
stable organisation and deliver value for our shareholders.

Scope & Governance

This policy applies to all OSK employees and relevant stakeholder groups. The policy is reviewed
annually and is shared with stakeholders through appropriate channels.

Areas of focus

To operate sustainably we focus our activities in key impact areas which reflect both our opportunities
to make a positive difference and manage our non-financial risks. By managing these areas well we believe we
can deliver the best possible benefits for both our business and stakeholders

Our Vision

To be a respectable and responsible organisation committed to best business practices and delivering sustainable
returns for our shareholders.

Our policy

OSK recognises the need to operate its businesses in a responsible and sustainable manner, complying with all relevant legislative and regulatory requirements, to maintain its reputation and to generate future business.

Our Principles

Our approach to the way we do business is guided by our commitment to OSK’s long-standing traditional core values of innovation, integrity, excellence, client-centricity and knowledge.

Our sustainability policy is based upon the following principles:

  • To comply with, and exceed where practicable, all applicable legislation,regulations and codes of practice.
  • To integrate sustainability considerations into our business decisions.
  • To ensure that all staff are fully aware of our sustainability policy and are committed to its implementation and improvement.
  • To minimise the impact on sustainability of all business and office activities.
  • To ensure that clients and suppliers are aware of our sustainability policy.
  • To review and report annually, and continually strive to improve our sustainability performance.

a. Energy & environmental conservation

We aim to reduce environmental impact in the areas of waste, water, energy and air quality in the workplace; to encourage
the use of sustainable practices in the maintenance of company properties and business premises by promoting the conservation
of energy, using energy-saving equipment where applicable, and fostering a culture of reducing, reusing, recycling and
responsible waste disposal.

b.Community development

We aim to give back to disadvantaged communities by volunteering and donating resources; to make a positive
social and economic impact towards the betterment of the underprivileged and disadvantaged sectors of the community.

c.Employee development

We aim to develop professionals and leaders from within our workforce. We recognise that our employees are a major asset and we
value their commitment and support. Guided by our value and credo for excellence, we provide talents with a conducive
environment to realise their potential and grow professionally through the provision of external training programmes
where applicable

d.Good corporate governance

We aim to deliver sustainable returns to our shareholders. Hence we are committed to ensuring that our business is conducted in all
respects according to recommended ethical, professional and legal standards and that all laws that regulate and apply will be complied with..

Our Commitment

OSK is mindful that the environmental, social and governance (ESG) aspects of business underpin sustainability. Balancing ESG aspects with the interests of various stakeholders is essential to enhancing investor perception and public trust. Hence, we are committed to:


The Group will conduct annual internal review of the policy.

This policy outlines our framework for responsible business management and is an integral part of our sustainability and business strategy.


OSKH Group is committed to achieving and maintaining a high standard of integrity,
accountability and ethical behaviour in the conduct of its businesses and operations

In line with the above, this page is established to serve as a guide for employees and members of public to raise concerns of
any suspected/known improper conduct that they may observe in OSKH Group, to the management of OSKH Group.

Parties can raise their concerns on any suspected and/or known improper conduct including, but is not limited to the following events:

  • fraud;
  • corruption, bribery or blackmail;
  • theft, embezzlement and unauthorised use of OSKH Group’s assets;
  • unauthorised disclosure or distribution of confidential trade secrets and other relevant information of OSKH Group;
  • improprieties in matters of financial reporting;
  • providing deceptive, misleading or false information about corporate transactions, including suppression of material information;
  • acts or omissions which are deemed to be against the interest of OSKH Group, laws, rules and regulations;
  • endangerment of an individual’s health and safety; and
  • deliberate concealment of any of the above matter or other acts of wrongdoing.

A whistleblowing concern can be lodged by completing the prescribed whistleblowing form and submitted via the following channels:

Primary Channel (preferred channel)- Send to the designated email address at
Secondary Channel-Send to Chairman of Audit Committee’s designated email address at channel should be utilised where the concern is highly sensitive and the whistleblower is of the opinion that the concern should not be communicated through the primary channel.

OSKH Group would like to thank you in advance for bringing your concerns to our attention. Please be assured that your concerns will be investigated according to the established procedures.Parties submitting the concerns should disclose their names, contact number, details of person(s) involved, nature of allegation, when and where the incident took place and provide evidence, if possible.

Please click here for Whistleblowing Form.

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