Management Team



Tan Sri Ong Leong Huat

Executive Chairman
OSK Group

Tan Sri Ong is the Executive Chairman of the OSK Group.


Puan Sri Khor Chai Moi

Executive Director
OSK Group

Puan Sri Khor is an Executive Director of PJ Development Holdings Berhad, a member of OSK Group.


Dato’ Saiful Bahri Bin Zainuddin

Executive Director
OSK Group

Dato’ Saiful Bahri Bin Zainuddin, is currently an Executive Director of OSK Group.


Ong Ju Yan

Group Managing Director
OSK Group

Ong Ju Yan is the Group Managing Director of OSK Group.


Ong Ju Xing

Deputy Group Managing Director
OSK Group

Ong Ju Xing is the Deputy Group Managing Director of OSK Group.


Ong Ghee Bin

Chief Executive Officer
OSK Property Holdings Berhad

Ong Ghee Bin joined OSK Property in July 2015 and was subsequently appointed Chief Executive Officer in November 2015.


John Ng

Chief Executive Officer
OSK Construction Sdn Bhd

John Ng joined the group in March 2015.


Yeat Siew Hong

Chief Executive Officer
Olympic Cable Company Sdn Bhd

Yeat Siew Hong joined the group in 1991 as Head of Manufacturing.


Tan Kheak Chun

Chief Executive Officer
Acotec Sdn Bhd

Tan Kheak Chun was appointed the Chief Executive Officer.


Ivan Ting

Chief Executive Officer
SGI Vacation Club Berhad

Ivan Ting joined the Group in May 2005 and is currently the CEO of SGI Vacation Club.


Peter Gan

Chief Operating Officer
Swiss-Garden International Sdn Bhd

Peter Gan joined Swiss-Garden International Sdn Bhd in May 2018.


Chow Hock Kin

OSK Capital Sdn Bhd

Chow Hock Kin, was appointed Director of OSK Capital Sdn Bhd.


Ng Lai-Ping

Group Chief Financial Officer
OSK Group

Ng Lai-Ping was appointed the Group Chief Financial Officer of OSK Group on 16 May 2016.


Woon Chong Boon

Chief Operating Officer
Corporate Strategy & Planning, OSK Group

Woon Chong Boon joined the group in 2002 and is currently the Chief Operating Officer, Corporate Strategy and Planning of OSK Group.


Chris Mak

Chief Information Officer
OSK Group

Chris Mak joined the group in 1992 and was appointed the Chief Information Officer of OSK Group in November 2015.


Young Tat Yong

Chief Internal Auditor
OSK Group

Young Tat Yong was appointed the Chief Internal Auditor of OSK Group on 1 April 2016.


Margaret Fong

Chief Human Resources Officer
OSK Group

Margaret Fong joined OSK Group as Head of Group Human Resource in January 2016.